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HPE Networking Top Value Promo

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Small and Midsize businesses have a lot to think about when it comes to their networks. Mobility and cloud-based applications are quickly changing the way SMBs operate and how employees work and engage with customers. 67% of SMBs view mobile solutions and services as critical to their businesses.This is why Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, offers the Top Value promotion.

Use this promotion to help you:

  • Help your network keep up with the Wi-Fi performance needs of new mobile devices & applications.
  • Get convenient, cost-effective, basic layer 3 switches up to the highest performance 10Gbps switches so your wired infrastructure fits the needs of your business.


Effective May 1, 2019 - October 31, 2019, or while supplies last.

Terms and Conditions

  • Discount is available only on Aruba & HPE SKU's listed below.
  • HPE and Aruba reserves the right to terminate, alter, or modify these terms and conditions at any time.

Qualifying Products List

Description HPE SKU Description HPE SKU
HP 1405 Small Office Switch Series JH407A Aruba 2930F Series Switches JL253A, JL254A, JL255A, JL256A, JL258A, JL259A, JL260A, JL261A, JL557A, JL558A
HPE OfficeConnect 1420 Switches JH016A, JG708B, JH017A, JH018A, JH327A, JH328A, JH329A, JH330A, JH019A Aruba Modules J9731A, J9732A, J9733A, JL078A, JL081A, JL083A
HPE OfficeConnect 1620 Switches JG913A, JG914A Aruba Cables J9734A, J9735A, J9736A, J9806A
HPE OfficeConnect 1820 Switches J9979A, J9980A, J9981A, J9982A, J9983A, J9984A Aruba Mount Kits J9583A
HPE OfficeConnect 1950 Switches JG960A, JG961A, JG962A, JG963A, JH295A Aruba Shelves J9805A
Aruba 2530 Series Switches J9772A, J9773A, J9774A, J9775A, J9776A, J9778A, J9779A, J9780A, J9781A, J9782A, J9783A, Aruba Power Supplies JL085A, JL086A, JL087A
Aruba 2540 Series Switches JL354A, JL355A, JL356A, JL357A Aruba Transceiver JD089B, JD092B, JD094B, JD119B